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The Silver Sneakers® Fitness Program
Silver Sneakers is the nation’s leading exercise program designed exclusively for older adults and is offered as a value-added benefit of participating AARP, MediGold, Medicare, OPERS, STERS, Humana or Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage plans.
The Silver Sneakers Fitness Program features a unique blend of physical activity, preventive health and socially oriented programming that enables older adults to take greater control of their health.
Silver Sneakers members receive:

• A free basic membership at the Cambridge YMCA Family Center with access to conditioning
classes, exercise equipment, and other amenities that accompany a basic membership.
• Access to any participating fitness center across the nation when traveling
• Silver Sneaker classes designed exclusively for older adults who want to improve their strength,
flexibility, balance and endurance
• Health education seminars and other events that promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle
Carol Geib is our Silver Sneakers Instructor and she will be able to answer any questions that you may have about the class. 
Please call 432-4600 or stop in at our front desk to speak with a YMCA staff member.
Interested in learning more?
Active Older Adults and Silver Sneakers
The Y has many programs for Active Older Adults with a number of guided fitness classes on weekday mornings as well as an opportunity to have fun and exercise your brain with Judy Brill, Nancy Prine and Carla Hutchinson on Tuesdays at one in the afternoon.  Bananagrams anyone?  All seniors may enjoy the same level of programming whether they are private pay or their membership is covered by their medicare supplemental insurance.